What to expect in your first session

  • Fill in the client history form
  • Have a quick chat, to understand more about you and your story
  • Conduct a quick assessment to assess movement and compensation patterns, imbalances, range of movement etc.
  • Tailor a treatment plan specific to your goals and needs.
  • Provide ongoing suppport

If you are looking for the Best Massage Brisbane, Wade the Massage Guy and team have more than a decade of experience working in some of the top clinics in Australia

Step 1: Arriving at the clinic

  • 141 Queen Street Brisbane, take the lift to level 3
  • Walk to the reception area, sit down relax and fill in a new client form
  • If you are a loyal client, have a seat and relax on the couch, I won’t be too far away.
  • Meet and greet, step right this way.

We know how hard it can be to find a Therapist, and we all want the Best Massage Brisbane experience, that is why we urge you to read some of the testimonials on the site or google reviews, you won’t be disappointed.

Step 2: Consultation and Assessment

  • Discuss you and your situation in detail
  • Movement, assess your ranges of motion
  • Special tests, to rule out the nasty’s
  • Goals, define what it is that you want to achieve

If you are still unsure and haven’t found the Best Massage Brisbane Clinic, and have questions, feel free to send us a email or call, we are happy to help.

Step 3: Treatment Plan

  • Specifically tailored plan aligned with your goals
  • Patterns identified
  • Restrictions and adhesions identified
  • Goals articulated
  • Start at the source of your pain and reverse engineer

Step 4: The Treatment

The treatment is a tailored systematic process that is unique to each person treated, however, there are definite themes.

  • Treatment plan and goals are paramount
  • The hands-on work is deep, deliberate, slow and effective
  • There is movement, there is deep breathing, there is change
  • Communication, there is an active dialogue during the process

Step 5: Post Treatment, what happens next?

  • Self release exercizes and described
  • Trigger point exercizes are demonstrated
  • Questions answered
  • Treatment plan discussed, recommendations made.

Wade the Massage Guy is the founder of KINETIC

If you googled ‘Massage places near me

There is a good chance that we are just down the road.

Not only are we the Best Massage Brisbane but we are also in close proximity.

We know how important it is to be good and convenient and it appears we have both boxes ticked.

Have a browse of our site, if you have any questions let us know.

Firstly we must say that we are not at all biased, our goals are clear, we aim to be the Best Massage Brisbane clinic.

We constantly upskill, we strive to deliver quality, we aim to understand you and your story.

We strive for the result

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