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What you need to know about Remedial Massage Therapy

Typically the session starts by filling out a new client form, in the form you will be asked questions about your history, injuries accidents, also things like how hard do you like to be massaged if you have any health conditions, or injuries or concerns. Once the form is filled in the Remedial Massage Therapist will then proceed to ask you questions and ask you to elaborate more about why you have decided to come and what your reasons are.

An assessment is conducted to review you complaint, some of examples are: Postural assessment - are your hips sitting evenly, are your holding your head on top of your shoulders etc. Gait is often assessed to determine whether you are walking balanced and evenly, or are you rotating and landing on the outside of one foot or alternatively is one foot turning in and your arch collapsing.

Quite often special tests are used to identify imbalances or weakness and tightness throughout the body.

There is a lot of data collected in the first session, almost like pieces of the puzzle, once they are compiled the Remedial Massage Therapist will start to explain to you in layman terms what is going on, what are the causes, the symptoms and what are some of the pathways forward to work towards your goals, wants and needs.

Remedial Massage Therapy is approved by Medibank and HICAPS so that you can claim on the spot if you can’t the therapist is not qualified and not a Remedial Massage Therapist.

You can be sure that your Remedial Massage Therapist has completed extensive training and that they are well aware of their obligations to you as the client, regarding best practices, ethics, and duty of care to their clients.

Remedial Massage studies have been conducted all around the world to validate the effectiveness and in countless studies, there have been some amazing results. Stress levels have shown to decrease after Remedial Massage, Back Pain injuries have improved, tension headaches have shown positive effects, there are a large number of injuries and conditions that respond very well to Remedial Massage, if you have any specific questions, ask your local Remedial Massage to give you some information specific to your query, I am sure they would love to help.

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