Remedial Massage Therapist

Sean Kelliher

Sean completed his Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy in 2007 and has worked in clinics for the past 13 years

Sean is fully insured and you can claim HICAPS on the spot if you are covered for Remedial Massage

Sean specializes in treating the following conditions:

Neck Pain – Back Pain – SIJ Pain – Complicated Muscolo-skeletal conditions

If you suffer from Pain and are looking for someone that has the experience and knowledge, Sean definitely can help.

Sean has gathered a wealth of knowledge while working with professional dancers, Tennis Pros visiting for the Brisbane International, and rugby players from the Qld Reds and the Australian Wallabies.


Diploma of Remedial Massage


First Aid Certificate


Registered with all major HiCaps

Massage Brisbane City


Tuesday 8am – 2 pm

Wednesday 8am – 5 pm

Thursday 8am – 4 pm

Friday 8am – 4 pm


Remedial Massage Therapist

Claire Stasse

Claire enjoys working deep and using the Kinetic method and she has developed her own craft to effectively target areas of pain and activate the body.

She is particularly interested in unwinding and strengthening dormant muscle groups in individuals.

Claire received her second diploma in 2018, but first started working as a remedial massage therapist in 2013. She has spent the last 8 years working with some of the more obscure work forces and has a passion for working with young athletes, martial artists and sky divers.

Claire was also a professional life model in her past and has 8 years and thousands of hours of experience with body movement and understanding the relationship between posture and pain management.

She has gained a following as Brisbane's TMJ release Remedial expert and treats countless people with jaw and neck and throat conditions regularly.

When Claire isn't massaging every second day, she enjoys Muai Thai Kickboxing and can be found taking photo's on Brisbane's bike tracks amassing resources for paintings.

Claire is fully insured and passionate about meeting new people


Diploma of Remedial Massage


First Aid Certificate


Registered with all major HiCaps

Massage Brisbane City

Monday 8am – 2 pm

Thursday 2pm – 8 pm

Saturday 8am – 4 pm


Remedial Massage Therapist

Annika Bjorklund

Annika graduated with a Diploma in Remedial Massage over a decade ago and since has been working in some of the biggest Remedial Massage clinics in Australia

Annika has extensive experience helping people with:
Neck Pain, Crick Neck’s Back Pain, Stiff tight achy back Shoulder Pain, Frozen Shoulders Hip Pain, Sciatica ITB Pain, Runners Knee Calf Strains, Plantar Fasciitis

Annika is a gifted Remedial Massage Therapist, very intuitive and extremely experienced.

Annika has great pressure and has a lot of experience treating chronic pain conditions.


Diploma of Remedial Massage


First Aid Certificate


Registered with all major HiCaps

Massage Brisbane City

Tuesday 8am – 6 pm

Thursday 8am – 6 pm

Friday 8am – 6 pm



Nathan Leach

Since obtaining a Bachelor of Health Science in 2009, Nathan has spent the last decade working as a Myotherapist treating in private clinics across Brisbane and the Gold Coast as well as treating elite athletes in various NRL, AFL and ARU teams across Australia.

Nathan is particularly interested in injury rehabilitation and preventative care and is enthusiastic about providing pain management techniques to his clients. He is committed to achieving the best results for his clients and is experienced in a wide range of techniques used to alleviate pain — both acute and chronic. This includes treatments such as deep tissue massage techniques, sports massage, myofascial release techniques, dry needling, and cupping.

Nathan enjoys keeping active through trail running, and can often be found hiking or running the trails around the greater Brisbane and Greater SEQ region.

Fully insured, you also will be able to claim for on-the-spot rebates from HICAPS for all of Nathan’s treatments


Bachelor of Health Science – MYOTHERAPY

First Aid Certificate

Registered with all major HiCaps

Massage Brisbane City

Monday 12pm – 8 pm

Tuesday  1 pm – 8pm

Weds  8am – 1 pm

Friday 1pm – 7pm

Myoskeletal Therapist

David O'Kane

Remedial and Sports Massage - Deep tissue - Dry Needling - Cupping - Fascial Stretching

In practice since 2010 From Ireland but work and study have taken me around the world An eternal student.

From a psychology degree at the National University Galway to traveling the world to learn from some of the best Therapist teachers including - An internship at The Sanctuary Malvern PA USA with John F Barnes creator of the Myofascial Release Approach.

Amassing over 200 hours training in dry needling since 2012.

To Phoenix Arizona to study Fascial stretch therapy with Ann and Chris Frederick.

Three months in Chiang Mai Thailand at the Sunshine Massage School to learn tradition Thai massage unique to the north of the country.

Additionally I have completed over 400hrs of yoga teacher training.

Professional placements in London at KX private members Club South Kensington , Palo Alto San Francisco, Dubai and most recently touring globally providing yoga and remedial therapy for the headline British indie music act The XX on their 2017 " I see you" world tour.

My treatment philosophy - Find the source mobility restrictions or faulty kinetic chain imbalance - Restore and reinforce mobility deficits - then Reload the musculoskeletal system for postural integrity and functional strength.

This is a synergistic process requiring client commitment to rehab/prehab then performance movement prescriptions to develop confidence in their movement capabilities.


Bachelor of Psychology


Dry Needling


Fascial Stretching

and much more..

Massage Brisbane City

Monday 2 pm – 6 pm

Tuesday 11 am – 6 pm

Thursday 11am – 6 pm



Remedial Massage Therapist

Wade Lambert

Health and wellness have been a passion of mine for a very long time, I have studied the following:

Multiple forms of bodywork, such as; Remedial Massage Deep Tissue Massage Sports Massage Myofascial Release Shiatsu Lomi Lomi Active Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Dry Needling, Cupping, Dorn Therapy, and more. Movement practices, Multiple Martial Arts, Qigong, Somatics, Dance, Nutrition, whole foods, organics, macrobiotics, juicing, superfoods, fasting, etc.

I hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage which enables you to claim on the spot with your health insurance provider. I am also fully insured and constantly upskill to keep up with what is happening in the industry.

I have massaged 1000’s of people, I have spent 1000’s of hours working with every type of injury, accident, condition you can think of.

The subtleties that come with performing 1000’s of hours of hands-on experience cannot come from a book or a piece of paper, they must be learned and unfortunately, as the dropout rate is very high I am not sure if they average therapist every treats 1000 people.


Diploma in Remedial Massage


First Aid Certificate


Registered with all major HiCaps

Massage Brisbane City

Monday 8am – 8 pm

Tuesday 8am – 8 pm

Wednesday 8am – 8 pm


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Wade The Massage Guy is Brisbane's #1 Massage clinic for the best massage service, pain management, and sports performance.


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