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Remedial Massage Brisbane

If you have been searching for a Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic, I hear you.

I have worked in many Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinics over the years and have had my fair share of massages, some good, some great.  Which makes me wonder how difficult it can be to find a Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic that delivers on its promises.

At Wade the Massage Guy, we focus on you, we take the time to get to know you, your story, your issues, pains, and goals.  Once we are on the same page we conduct a thorough assessment then tailor a program specifically to you!

We don’t follow a stock standard routine for each and every client, it is tailored each and every session, to ensure that quality, results and goals all get a tick in the box.

Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinics seem like they are on every corner these days, all touting that they are the best and better than the rest, how does one decide?

It is your body that we talking about here!

One way is to see what people are saying, do they have great google reviews, what about an awesome social media presence?  Do they have an informative update website that speaks volumes?

If you are looking for testimonials, head over to our homepage and read a few from some of our lovely clients, maybe one or two may resonate with you?

Some tips when trying to find an exceptional Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic:

  1. Do they perform a great assessment
  2. Do they understand the body
  3. Are they passionate about biomechanics
  4. Do they have results to back them up
  5. Do they have amazing google reviews

These are just some of the things I would encourage to you to research before trusting someone with your pride and joy (your body)

Good luck, if you have any questions, flick us a email, or give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions.

If you have googled, massage near me, maybe we are closer than you think?

Plantar fasciitis Treatment?

Have you been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis?  Has it been ongoing, persisting? not going away?

Over the years I have seen numerous cases of Plantar Fasciitis, and many different stories, scenarios, and situations.

Plantar Fasciitis can plague people for a long time, it is a dreaded injury and can be an infliction.   It can be the result of a number of different factors but there are themes that run true for the population.

More often than not one’s gait is of primary importance, quite often we are pronating and supinating, landing more prominently on one side of our foot and as a result causing various muscles to work harder than they should.

But to be honest the feet are only one piece of the puzzle, quite often the knees are not biomechanically sound and the same goes for the hips.  The question, however, is once we know the biomechanical issues what can one do to overcome this backdrop?

Simply, activate weak muscles and release tight muscles.  At Wade The Massage Guy, we are passionate about biomechanics, once we understand the puzzle, we systematically break down exactly what we need to know to get out of this conundrum, and the good thing is we have over a decade of doing this.  Go and read a few of the testimonials and hear what our clients have to say.


Sciatica can plague people for sometimes feels like an age, if this you, read on, maybe we can help!

At the clinic we have so many cases of Sciatica its not funny, you could say we are experienced.

Sciatica generally has themes that show themselves time and time again.

Poor biomechanics, rotated pelvis’s, internally rotated knees, pronated feet and weak glutes are some of the prime offenders that we see.

The body is amazing, it’s main job is to get the job done, survival!

If a muscle isn’t doing its job, another will happily join the party and take up the slack, and consequently, compensation patterns start to rear their head and quite often pain is the net result of the equation.

Sciatica definitely is not an isolated condition, there are always patterns at play, and at Wade the Massage Guy what we do is identify these patterns, come up with a game plan and get you back doing what you love doing as fast possible.

Remedial Massage is one tool we utilize to achieve this, we also use corrective exercize and ongoing support to educate and empower you to take responsibility for your condition, long into the future.


Are you plagued by headaches? Have you been to the neurologist? Do you take panadol? Do you days where you can’t get out of bed or dread going to work?

These are some of the stories that I hear from my clients.  Over the years I have seen 100’s of headache sufferers.  In most cases they have all had similar themes.

  • Poor posture, or desk worker posture, slouch, slumped, head in front of the shoulders, hence straining the neck and head
  • Extremely tight neck
  • Weak core
  • Stress

In all cases, we have managed to reduce the severity 0f the headache and migraine and in most cases relieve it completely.

30% of my clientele suffer from headache and migraines, go and read a few of the testimonials and hear what they have to say. If you have any questions, send an email, or call, I would be happy to answer any questions.



Suffering from Knee Pain?

If you have been dealing with Knee Pain and are not sure how to solve it, read on.

Knee pain can plague people for the entire life, and in most cases, your Knee Pain is not isolated to just the Knee.  There are themes at play that are common with many Knee Pain sufferers and more like you.

Are you looking for a Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinic that can help you with your Knee Pain, read on, I will tell you more about how we have helped numerous clients soon.

Knee Pain is more often than not associated with compensation patterns, imbalances, tight muscles, weak muscles, and posture.

Then we tackle the situation starts with a thorough assessment then we design a plan of attack specific to you.

Dealing with Lower Back Pain?

How have you dealt with your Lower Back Pain thus far?  If not read on.

At the clinic, we have seen countless Lower Back Pain Sufferers over the years and in all cases, there are many factors at play.

If you don’t understand these factors that is a high chance that your lower back pain will plague you off and on for years to come.

Some tips for dealing with lower back pain:

  • Assessment, a thorough assessment is integral
  • Addressing imbalances and compensation patterns, weak muscles, tight muscles.
  • A tailored treatment plan is crucial

If you would like to know more, have a browse of the website, or send us an email, we would love to help you.

Want to know how to solve your Shoulder Pain

How are you going with your shoulder pain?  How long has it been bothering you?  Have you had any luck finding someone that can help?

Do you understand your shoulder pain?

Has someone broken it down for you in layman’s terms?

What are you doing about it?

Remedial Massage can definitely help!

Long-Standing Hip Pain?

Hip Pain can plague people, and maybe this is you? If so read further.

In our experience in the clinic, Hip Pain is always connected to imbalances in the pelvis, rotations, kinks, one hip sitting forward, one sitting higher than the other etc.

Without addressing the biomechanics, quite often we are missing half of the story.  At the clinic we always begin the journey by listening to you and your story, we then conduct a thorough assessment then design a specific treatment plan, that is tailored to you.

If you are looking for a Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic that understands Hip Pain, have a browse of the website and if you have any questions send a email or give us a call.

Chronic Neck Pain?

Are you struggling with neck pain?  If this is the case, how have you gone with sorting it?

We have literally seen 1000’s of people who suffer from dreaded Neck Pain over the years and in most cases posture is a factor.

Due to the fact of sedentary lifestyle, we put excessive strain on our neck and quite often pain is at the end of the equation.

At the clinic we not only address your neck pain, we help you understand why you have it in the first place, then assist you with making changes to your posture and providing ongoing support to achieve this.

What are you doing to sort your Foot Pain?

Remedial Massage Brisbane Clinics, where are you?

In the clinic, we often see many runners and people that suffer from Foot Pain, if this is you read on.

Foot Pain can be a curse, it can linger and last for years, however, there are always larger patterns at play.  In the clinic we focus on assessing these patterns, to create context from which we work from.

We assess, and piece the puzzle together, looking for imbalances, weakness, tightness and from there we work together to resolve your situation.

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